Saturday, 17 August 2013

blogs dieing?

Are blog turning more and more about quick messages rather than long articles? Are more people turning away from writing long articles to express their opinions and instead just going on social media websites to express quick 1 sentence opinions.. to me this seems a shame and shows that the media mind games are winning at restricting freedom of speech..LOL you aint silencing me! i still have a blog to express my thoughts and opinions on.
Making money on the internet is by far one of the hardest things to possibly do because it is like globalization at your computer (doorstep). You have all the competition and if you do seo all this competition is fighting to get to number 1!

Lol google went down for 5 minutes

Well google isnt as technically strong as they would have you believed even google can mess up something and it seems that google went down well maybe for only 5 minutes today but it goes to show that google can go down..... Imagine if google went down for a couple of days what the effect would be..? You can read about how google went down for 5 minutes here.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

How to best gain height

Looking for way to grow taller are you? Then in that case let me tell you one.. that beats just abotu all other ways.. often stretching exercises are good for your health but if you want to grow taller though them they can take forever but while you wait for them to increase your height why not try something that instantly does! Height increasing insoles that's what will! Height increasing insoles will also thanks to the support and cushioning shock absorbing qualities the insoles have will be comfortable to wear and prevent cramp.... but obviously what is most important for you is how they can increase your height. well the inserts work with stack .. the more stacks you put on the taller you will be simple.... these are insoles so obviously nobody will see the insoles too... so you can be tall and not be asked any awkward questions or be pointed at for wearing high heels or elevator shoes eithier.

Avoiding plantar fasciitis

If you are like me and are ways running about to keep fit and in good health then injury can be a curse... so how best to avoid injury well if you are running one of the worst injury's you can get and one of the most common that can mean that you are unable to run for some time is something called plantar fasciitis but how can you stop yourself form getting it? Well first of make sure you aint wearing flat insoles when you run flat insoles do not give you any extra protection nor support when running and can cause inflammation of the arch leading to.. you guess it plantar fasciitis. It is important that you buy.. doesn't have to cost that much a good pair of running insoles which are designed to stop plantar fasciitis all together in its tracks. Keep all this in mind the next time you run.