Sunday, 16 March 2014

Heel grips are great!

Every time I go out with my friends on a night out I slip and fall once I slipped in my high heels and busted my ankle... couldn't walk on it for a couple days though recently I have found something to stop this and stop me slipping and sliding inside my heels or any loos fitting shoes for that matter really. What I found out is that you can place heel grips in your shoes and the problem of your heel lifting out of your shoes or your feet slipping inside them goes away as they stay in one place because the heel grips stick your feet to the shoes. Its quite cool really.. I cannot take all the credit though about finding them it was actually india daily that first gave me the idea of using them so kudos to them really!  I have slipped or fallen in my high heels yet and plus they are so inexpensive you got just £1.99 to spare id advise getting some and at that price your not really losing much are you? They really work wonders!

(I also always seem to get bunions on my i big toe but since using them the rubbing on my shoes stopped and so my bunions also have cleared up :D)

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